James Cameron can fix the oil spill!

At least, he thinks so. The world-famous director of Titanic and Avatar organized a conference of 23 engineers to brainstorm about fixing the Gulf oil spill.

Personally I think it’s a great idea.

He should start with a 3D video model of his plan. Of course he’ll have to manufacture a new deep-sea, hi-def camera lens that will completely revolutionize the film industry, and the diving industry! It will be so positively amazcredibletabulous we’ll have to make a new category at the Oscars next year just for this lens. The 3D video blueprint will win best picture and best documentary and best live action short (a first time achievement!) and it will make enough money at the box-office that he can buy out BP and this problem will never happen again!

Am I right!?!? And can you believe that the crazy people running that British Petrol business turned him away! The audacity! 

…read the full article here: http://movies.msn.com/movies/article.aspx?news=503767

    • SSMKenshin
    • June 4th, 2010

    Whatever would the world do without such nobel directors, like Cameron, who are willing to tote their knowledge and ADVISE engineering, wildlife, and oil industry experts on how to do their jobs.

    “Cameron, I can direct movies! You should aim the camera more like this, oh and while you’re at it. . . eh what’s that? . . . You don’t need my help. Oh okay.”

    Great thoughts on James Cameron!

    • Thanks for the comment! You’re faux conversation with Cameron made me laugh so hard.

  1. Loved the Abyss (minus the ending on the surface). Extreme dislike for Titanic. Hate his politics, worldview and ego, but, this is not as strange or outlandish as it at first seems.

    Cameron, loves the environment. That’s a plus. He does have a lot of expertise. He is a genius at bringing people together to solve problems related to his films and is in touch with many creative people. In the history of the planet, it has often been people from outside that have solved problems well beyond their experience and field of training. Check out the history on how pasturization and polio were conquered for examples.

    BP shouldn’t just dismiss his help. Not sure they did, but I’m just saying.

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