Dances with Oil? Kevin Costner and BP

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No, I’m not making this up. Actually very interesting article. Apparently, our beloved cinema hero helped his brother fund an ocean water and oil separation machine thingy. It purifies the water at a faster rate than any other invention out there. And the kicker is, BP and Congress want his help!

Read the full article here:

  1. Yes, because his solution is a machine that separates the water from oil, and I don’t know if people stopped to think about this, but how the heck are you suppose to empty the ocean into a machine, and make a machine big enough, to do that, on top of the fact that the working tests that his group has performed were on a very small scale (we are talking gallons of water). Maybe if we could “scope” all the oil-mixed water out of the ocean and into his centrifuge machine, because that’s basically what it is, then I guess it would work. It’s just getting press because of Kevin Costner.

    • June 16th, 2010

    Is it wrong that I like Costner’s solution/suggestion better?

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