Toy Story 3 (4 of 4)

I smiled leaving the theater. I am smiling now. I didn’t like Toy Story 3, I loved it. Toy Story 3 brings back its all-star voice-acting cast to live another adventure born in the toy box. Not everyone is there, but that’s okay. Buzz, Woody, Rex, Slinky, Hamm, Mr. Potato Head and company are all back. The storyline is similar to the other Toy Story movies, I’ll admit.

But Toy Story has always been about the message and the theme takes over again. See, the characters–the toys–they worry about being loved and played with and being important, about growing old and being lonely, they worry about breaking and needing repairs, about each other and their “family”. That’s what all good stories are about.

So, Andy is going to college, he’s 17. He’s smart, creative, a good son–but too old to play with his toys. He sorts them out, Woody is going to college with him the rest into the attic. But his mother throws them to the curb when she mistakes the black-bagged toys for trash. After barely escaping, the toys climb into a box headed to a day-care where they believe they will be loved forever and played with all the time by the children.

Once at the daycare, they meet Lotso, a purple plush bear, he charms them. And then reveals himself as a warden type character when the day-care turns from paradise to nightmare-prison for Buzz and the gang, as they try to reunite with each other and get back to Andy before he leaves them forever.

The adventure is nearly indescribable (I say nearly because I know there must be a script somewhere). There are daring rescues, high-flying stunts, exhilarating escapes all surrounded with family and romance and comedy. I’m not exaggerating when I say Buzz and Woody make Indiana Jones look boring. The entire movie is vibrant and full of life. You’ll forget the heroes are plastic in ten minutes.

This is an absolute must see. The characters are heartfelt, the heroes are heroic, the jokes are clean, and the adventure is timeless. Go see this movie. Hands down the best film I’ve seen all year.

I love to say: Pixar has done it again! Because I really couldn’t be more pleased. Even if this ends up being the end of the Toy Story series or simply the next installment (since it sets up a fourth film). The last thing I want to say is may the sentimental be warned–its nostalgia and passion is heartbreaking.

Favorite Moment: Spanish Buzz Dance

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