You can’t insult Roger Ebert

This is copy/pasted from Ebert’s blog. I just love to read stuff like this.  Gamer, get owned.

The way you talk about reading books reminds me of David Lynch extolling the virtues of Transcendental Meditation.

“I wanted to form this foundation for enlightenment for the individual and student,” Lynch said. “That’s what education should be: to develop the full potential of the individual and peace on earth. Peace on earth isn’t pie in the sky anymore. Real peace is not the absence of war, it’s the absence of negativity.”

Whether you are transcending and meditating on the void or sitting down and reading Huck Finn, either way you are suckered into sitting and relaxing and wasting your time for hours on end because elitists have told you it’s a better way to improve yourself than playing video games. How are you improved in any way after reading Huck Finn, as opposed to reading a plot summary of the book? I could read that beautiful description of a storm over and over and pontificate about how musical it sounds but it does NOTHING to improve me except in ways that you imagine in your head to justify the huge amount of your life that you’ve wasted reading books.

Ebert: Plot summary? A book is not about what it is about. It’s about how it’s about it.

I suppose this sounds “elitist,” but here goes: Based on your comment, you have never learned to read.

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